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Confused about whether you need to buy copy paper, laser paper, ink jet paper or multi-purpose paper? We carry them all! And we know that can be overwhelming.

The reality is that a multi-purpose paper will work well for just about all of your office paper needs, regardless of the printer or copier you have. To provide a little more guidance, here is a breakdown of some of the specific factors to consider:

Most copy paper is 20# (20 pound) weight whereas most laser papers & ink jet papers are 24# weight paper. Can you use a 24# paper in your copier and vice versa? Yes, absolutely you can.

Printer paper is often heavier than copy paper because the printing process is a bit slower that the copying process, which results in the transfer of more of the toner or ink to the printer paper.

Both copy and laser papers have smooth finishes to allow for the proper adhesion of copy and laser toner to the paper. The smoother the finish, the better the paper will travel through the device without jamming. Laser papers typically have smoother finishes than copy paper, to provide a slightly higher quality result.

White paper is measured in brightness levels (usually from 80 to 100) with higher numbers denoting brighter whites. Historically, “copy paper” was lower on the brightness scale and laser papers were higher on the scale. Our best-selling multi-purpose papers have brightness levels between 90 and 96.

What’s on sale? Anybody offering a rebate? Paper is probably the most commoditized item sold by office supplies retailers. We all know that despite paperless initiatives, we all use a lot of it! So my advice? Test different brands & weights until you find 2-3 that work well for your office and your equipment. And then keep an eye out for manufacturer rebates and OfficeZilla sales on those 2-3 skus.

A few of our most popular Multi-Purpose Letter Papers featured below:

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