About OfficeZilla

Oh, so you want more info about OfficeZilla? I'm so glad you asked!

Simply put... OfficeZilla is your BEST source for office supplies, cleaning supplies, office furniture, break room essentials and more; All sold by people like me who are crazy-passionate about office supplies! (I know, just a bit nerdy ;-))

So why is OfficeZilla the BEST?

Well, you're certainly full of questions, aren't you ;-)
Ok. Here are 5 great reasons...

1. The Very Best Possible Account Experience

While we all love ripping into a brand new pack of post-its, uncapping a fresh sharpie, and occasionally running with scissors, sometimes the process of actually acquiring those supplies isn't so fun. So we're here to change that!

  • If you prefer to do business over the phone, then call us. We'll answer — or we'll call you right back.
  • If you prefer email, that's fine too! We'll return your email same business day.
  • World class ecommerce experience via our fast, secure, user-friendly web store.
  • FAST Shipping.
  • Have a problem? We will make it right. No matter what! EVERY customer is important. You will never be "just a number" to us!

2. A sense of FUN!

We are dedicated to highlighting FUN in the office. Read our product descriptions carefully. You might occasionally see a good pun or a reference to pop culture. Do you receive our weekly savings eblast? It's not your boring big box coupon, that's for sure.

3. Fast Service

Your order will ship to you from the closest of our 35 distribution centers across the US. Orders placed by 4pm will be picked, packed & shipped today. For most of our inventory and for most of the US, this means you will have your order NEXT BUSINESS DAY! (For more information about shipping, see the shipping tab on the product details pages of our website.)

4. Oh, and by the way — here it comes — AWESOME Pricing

We will give you the lowest possible pricing on your total monthly office spend - no matter what. Period. End of sentence. No mas. The end. Nada. How is that possible? We will work with you to understand your purchasing needs and your ordering habits. We will then create a customized pricing plan personalized for your business. We WILL save you money. Period. The end. You get the picture ;-)

5. No Contracts

This is our way of ensuring that we work as hard for your business tomorrow as we do today. We never take your business for granted!